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Helping Cities Promote Walking and Cycling Through Precise Micro-mobility Monitoring Campaigns

Trusted By Sustainable Cities, and Transportation Agencies

Measuring the impact of investments in active transportation assists in telling a story of success and helps identify factors that will influence pedestrian and cycle use. Data collection can help in pursuing funding applications and supporting sustained development of capital and operational programmes to support pedestrian and cycle growth

Get Unmatched Insights and Optimize Your Active Transport Infrastructure with Our Innovative Technology

Precise Active Transport Data Collection

Gain accurate and reliable data on multi-model traffic to measure mode shift, and optimise active travel infrastructure to improve your city's mobility

Active Transport Insights

  • Accurate Pedestrian, Cyclist, Scooter, and Vehicle classification
  • Mode user Demographics
  • Speed of device
  • Count Vision Object Tracker for desire lines
  • Occupancy of parked devices

Data Accuracy Guarantee

Our technology is designed to deliver accurate data and insights regardless of environmental conditions. We are the only company globally with the capability and confidence to guarantee a minimum of 98% count account accuracy within small-time blocks of 20 minutes

Flexible Hardware Options

  • Count Pod - Edge Low Power Sensor
  • Pole Mount Systems
  • Count Vision can integrate into an existing CCTV network

Dynamic Reporting & Custom Dashboards For Monitoring Campaigns

Our advanced analytics allow you to customise and adapt your reporting and dashboards to meet the KPIs of your monitoring campaign

Integrations Via The Count Central Data Mart

  • Weather data - report on the impacts of rain on active journeys
  • Third-party sensors or external data sets
  • Integration into Transportation data warehouses

Learn why our proprietary Computer Vision technology is more accurate than AI-based systems

Empower Your Active Transport Infrastructure with Data-Driven Decision Making

The key performance measure of an Active Transport Monitoring system is the Accuracy of the data.