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2Degres Case Study

2Degrees has used the Countculture System for over 6 years to gain valuable insights across its retails branch network to increase customer satisfaction, drive sales, and enhance staff performance.

Real-time data collection gives you the information you need to get the most out of your people and your business. It gives you the knowledge - in real-time - that you need to make rostering and positioning decisions.

Learn about the risks to your business of implementing one of the many cheap people counting systems on the market today and learn why Accuracy is King.

We work with Enterprise Multi Branch Retailers to Drive Growth and Optimise Retail Operations

Accurate People Counting

Gain precise footfall data to measure store performance and make informed decisions

Sales Conversion & Staff-to-Customer Analytics

Evaluate the effectiveness of sales strategies and staff performance to drive revenue growth

In-Store Customer Journey Insights

Understand customer behaviour, preferences, and patterns to improve in-store experiences

Department-Wise Staffing Optimization

Allocate staff resources efficiently across departments, maximizing productivity and customer satisfaction with our Total Store Coverage technology

Retail Analytics and Seamless Integrations

Combine multiple data sources and easily integrate with existing systems for a holistic view of your business

Queuing Optimization

Minimize wait times and enhance customer satisfaction with data-driven queuing strategies

Revolutionize Your Retail Strategy with Comprehensive Analytics

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